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Hall of Fame

Malaysia's Ultra-distance Cyclists - the legends that every road cyclist should know


Sideq Salleh

Sideq Salleh is an avid Ultra-distance Cyclist and an Audax Super Randonneur for 3 consecutives years since 2020. He has recently completed his 'Tour De Malaya' (Cycle across Malaysia), starting in Johor Bahru, rode through the west coastal route, reaching Wang Kelian (Thailand border) in just 2.5 days. He then continued his journey from Kelantan, through climbing Banjaran Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Range is the chain of mountains that forms the backbone of the Malay Peninsular) passing through Kelantan and arriving in Terengganu. The east coastal route is challenging due to the strong head wind and rainy condition especially during monsoon season. Rolling hills from Mersing to Kota Tinggi can be a big challenge for him after riding more than 1500KM and without doubt, he completed the whole trip in 7 days 8 hours, clocked 2125.2KM in total. 


One of the remarkable record of Sideq was his incident during Audax BRM1000, where he broke his left crank arm and had to cycle with only one leg for 70KM to the nearest check point, and waited 2 hours for a mountain bike swap with the crew and continued the journey back to the finishing point, completing the ride 7 hours ahead of time limit. He is undoubtedly one of the Ultra-distance cycling legend every cyclist should know.

Ultra-cycling Record:

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux 1300KM (2022) - 1st finisher who completed in 84 hours

Audax BRM1000 (2022) - completed in 68 hours after the delay of the broken crank arm

Audax BRM600 Big Hills Challenge (2022) - with more than 7500m elevation, 1st finisher who completed in 32.5 hours


Azly Dzulkipli

"Breaking the barrier"

"Prior to LEL2022, multiple days long ride was never part of my drill. When the registration for ballot opened in January 2022, I signed up without hesitation, fully aware that I had less than 2 years of cycling experience. At that point, the longest ride I ever done was Audax BRM400 Twin Peak in December 2021. End of January is the starting point of my ultra-distance training. With my work commitment, I don’t have a lot of time for multiple days long rides, so I have to be selective with my training. Gap loop became my training ground. I always believed that quality is always better than quantity. I like hills and I’m quite good at it, so it serves as a bonus at every ride or races. The thing about ultra-distance cycling and a lot of climbing is that you get to experience the different in landscapes at every spot you cycled, enjoying the view."

In August 2022, Azly entered the London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) as a rookie, physical and mental strength should not be taken lightly. The route was amazing with a total of more than 15,000 meters elevation over 1,540KM in distance. The climax was the St John Chapel in the Northeast of England, the toughest climb of the event. It is the highest paved roads in the whole of United Kingdom. And he had to endure the climb to and fro – double the sufferings. He made a lot of acquaintance from all over the world, and ride with different strong and experienced cyclist along the way. He completed the ride in 109 hours and 50 minutes, the first Malaysian to arrive in the 125 hours COT category.

After LEL, he came back to Malaysia and participated in the Audax BRM1000. The momentum from the recently completed LEL helped him endured another ultra-distance ride. He was the first to arrive at the finishing line, completed it within 56 hours, riding solo most of the time.

"So, what’s next? The pursue of experience and pleasure have always been my priority ever since I started cycling. It’s my hobby. I am not a professional cyclist nor an athlete, so there’s no pressure on myself. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. All I want to do is to push my body to its limit."

His ultimate goal is to be homologated as ECR Europe challenge Randonnée – the four longest and most aspired Randonnée’s of the European continent within a 4-year cycle. "But before that, I am really looking forward to the Race Across Malaysia in 2023 and hopefully get a slot for TCR No.10 in 2024."


Kelvin Ong

Kelvin started cycling at his age of 40. He likes challenges and believe in himself that he could learn the best from others. With a lot of effort in training and self-discipline, he has tackled most of the challenging cycling events in 2022, being the top 5 fastest finisher in most of the Audax rides. He is remarkedly one of the ultra-distance racer in Malaysia who deserves our attention.

Ultra-cycling Record:

BRM 1000 (2022) – completed in 60 hours 

Audax BRM600 Big Hills Challenge (2022) - with more than 7500m elevation, top 5 finisher

Ryna Rynz

Faherina Binti Mohd Esa aka Ryna Rynz is an adventure thrill seeker. Petite in size, she is tough to take up challenges and always attempts for ultimate performance. She focuses on Adventure Races and have recently completed the Iron Bound Adventure 1 and emerged as a Podium finisher. Ryna is also actively involved in Ultra Trail Running. Apart from Trail events, Ryna is also active in Duathlon, Road/ Trail Running, MTB Jamboree, Ultra Cycling/ Long Distance, Kayaking, Bike Packing and many more.


Ultra-cycling Record:
Les Randonneurs Mondiaux 1300KM

Audax BRM1000

Audax BRM600

‘I am self-motivated, constantly striving to be the best version of myself’ - Ryna Rynz



Instagram: ryna09


K Y Ling

Ling Ka Yew at his age 64 has a passion for endurance cycling. He took up cycling rather late, 4 years ago when he planned to retired. His first bike is a Brompton (16 inch wheel) which he used it to complete his first Audax Super Randonneur in 2019. Ever since he is a regular at Audax Malaysia events and had qualified for 4 Consecutive Super Randonneur (SR) award.


He participated successfully in Ultra-distance events such as Audax BRM1000, LRM1300 and London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) in 2022. He looks forward doing more international events such as Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) in 2023 and a couple of others.

Ultra-cycling Record:

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux 1300KM - completed in 101 hours 9 mins

Audax BRM 600 (2022) - completed in 31 hours 38 mins

BRM 1000 (2022) – completed in 60 hourrs 1 min

LEL (2022) – 1520km – completed in 112 hours 24 mins


We believe that there are many ultra-cycling legends out there who deserve our attention. If you know someone who are interested to be featured in our website, please contact us!

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