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RAM 2024 Race Results

Welcome to the RAM700 2024 results page! This year's race showcased incredible endurance and determination from all our participants. Congratulations to our champions and finishers for their outstanding performances. Check out the full results below to see the impressive times and achievements. Thank you to everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing you in RAM2025!

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the eyes of racers who dared to conquer the Race Across Malaysia, renowned as one of the toughest challenges in Malaysia. From the starting line, where racers are flagged off at five-minute intervals, to the solo race itself, every moment is a test of endurance and determination. With no drafting allowed, each cyclist navigates the course alone, facing daunting elevations, unpredictable weather, and varied terrain.

As racers traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Malaysia, they are not just battling the elements but also immersing themselves in the beauty of the country—its stunning scenery, warm-hearted people, and rich cultural tapestry.

But amidst the solitude of the race, there is a vibrant sense of community. Family, friends, and supporters track the racers' progress in real-time through GPS technology, while updates on social media platforms add to the excitement, making the race a truly global spectacle. The thrill of crossing the finish line is amplified by the presence of loved ones cheering from afar, watching live video feeds and sharing in the triumph of their racers.

Gathered in Kangar town after the race, racers swap stories of their epic journey, their faces lit up with the glow of accomplishment. Each tale shared is a testament to the resilience and camaraderie that define the Race Across Malaysia. Amidst this celebration, racers also immerse themselves in the rich local culture, connecting with the beautiful people of Malaysia and experiencing the vibrant tapestry of traditions that line the race route. It's more than just a test of physical endurance; it's an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on all who participate. In the Race Across Malaysia, every pedal stroke is not just a personal challenge but a collective journey celebrated by a global community united in the pursuit of excellence.

For cyclists seeking the ultimate test of skill and endurance, the Race Across Malaysia is a must-try route in Asia. Its combination of challenging terrain, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture makes it an unforgettable experience for racers and supporters alike.

RAM1000 Champion

Benedict Abad             

Finish Time: 56 hours 41 minutes

Benedict Abad, a cycling coach from the Philippines, completed 1030km in the Race Across Malaysia 2024. He loved the race, praising Malaysia's beautiful scenery, wonderful people, and rich local culture. Benedict, we are glad that you enjoyed it! See you again in RAM2025!


RAM1000 First Runner-Up

Robert Valerio Kreienbühl             

Finish Time: 63 hours 41 minutes

Robert Kreienbühl from Switzerland has finished as the first runner-up in the Race Across Malaysia, completing the race in a remarkable 63 hours and 41 minutes!

With only very little rest throughout the entire route, Robert showed incredible endurance and determination. He completed the race strong, showcasing his unwavering spirit and tenacity. Well done, Robert!


RAM1000 Second Runner-Up

Mohd Puzi Dolah            

Finish Time: 64 hours 12 minutes

Following the incredible finish of Robert, our local hero Mohd Puzi, an Ultra trail runner, crossed the finish line just 30 minutes later, earning the title of second runner-up!

Despite battling a bad stomach throughout the entire journey due to food problems, Puzi showed immense determination and resilience. He managed to complete the race within his cut-off time of 70 hours in the male solo category for 50 years and above.

Well done and bravo, Mohd Puzi! Your strength and perseverance are truly inspiring!


RAM1000 Third Runner-Up

Nigel Taylor              

Finish Time: 67 hours 55 minutes

Nigel Taylor from New Zealand has just crossed the finish line at 1:15 am, completing his journey in an impressive 67 hours and 55 minutes, securing the title of third runner-up!

Nigel faced an incredibly challenging race, riding alone in the dark for most of the time, battling the scorching hot sun during the day, and enduring night rains. Despite the hilly route and tough conditions, he showed remarkable resilience and determination.

Well done, Nigel! We hope to see you again in RAM2025!


RAM1000 Fourth Runner-Up

Cindy Yaw           

Finish Time: 77 hours 32 minutes

Our determined and strong female RAM1000 cyclist, Cindy Yaw, has completed the race in an impressive 77 hours and 32 minutes! As a frequent Audax Super Randonneur, ultra-distance challenges are no match for her.

Despite facing multiple bike issues and riding solo the entire route, Cindy's mental strength and determination never wavered. She pushed through without a thought of giving up, showcasing true resilience.

We are so proud of you, Cindy! Your incredible achievement is an inspiration to us all.


RAM700 Champion

Seow Kong Ng           

Finish Time: 41 hours 40 minutes

Seow Kong has just made history by completing the RAM700 in an impressive 41 hours and 40 minutes! He is the first Malaysian to finish the Race Across Malaysia and qualify for this incredible challenge. What an outstanding achievement! Well done, Seow Kong! We're all so proud of you!


RAM300 Champion

Anissa Jaffar            

Finish Time: 15 hours 59 minutes

Anissa Jaffar!A cyclist From Malaysia,Completed in 300km in Race Across Malaysia 2024.Getting lost at the beginning of such a long race could be discouraging for some, but her determination to make up for lost time and embrace the experience speaks volumes about her character. It's fantastic to hear that she found joy in not just the race itself, but also in the people and culture along the way. Anissa,We are glad that you enjoyed it! See you again in RAM2025!


RAM300 First Runner-Up

Adel Zulin Sim              

Finish Time: 16 hours 21 minutes

Adel Zulin Sim, a local female ultra cyclist who fearlessly embraced the challenge of RAM300. Known for her quiet determination, Adel has conquered numerous ultra cycling events with grit and resilience. Despite her remarkable achievements, she remains humble and understated. In the Race Across Malaysia 300, Adel once again showcased her tenacity, navigating the demanding course with characteristic perseverance. Crossing the finish line with strength and resolve, she opted for a modest celebration, letting her outstanding performance speak volumes.


RAM300 Second Runner-Up

Douglas Liow            

Finish Time: 17 hours 39 minutes

Following Adel's impressive finish, Douglas, another seasoned ultra distance cyclist, successfully completed the RAM300 challenge. Like Adel, Douglas is no stranger to long-distance cycling, having tackled numerous ultra events with determination and perseverance. Douglas concluded the race with strength, demonstrating his endurance and determination until the very end.

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