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Long-distance cycling is no more of a rare occasion in Malaysia. Even before the world been landed with a despair called Covid 19, there have been plenty tons of cycling events that have been organised way more than other sports events such as marathon, futsal tournament etc. Not to mention for retired Malaysians, this sport has been treated as the new golf. Cycling has become a huge hit and turned into something common in Malaysia that people have stopped asking cyclists “Where have you cycled?” to a new question “How many Kilometres have you cycled?”. The question being replied with “100KM”, “300KM” or even “600KM” is no longer something that can be considered as extraordinary that cyclists can be boasted about as there have been many cyclists that have achieved the 1300KM distance of cycling.


Such achievement can be considered as the ultimate Holy Grail of cycling for some and will think there will be no harder challenge that can top it off, not in Malaysia at least. Which is why the cyclists are willing to travel to other countries such as France, Romania, United States and so on to seek for more challenges that they could face. This is where Race Across Malaysia comes to play. Just like in the title, RAM is a RACE cycling event that focuses on ultra-distance cycling as well. The closest people could think of such similar event would be Le Tour de Langkawi & Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. Unlike Le Tour de Langkawi, RAM has no stages & unlike LRM, cyclists not only have to race against the finishing time but also other cyclists for the top finisher position! A full-out ultra-distance race that will show the toughest potential out of every cyclist.

160km Sportives are no longer challenging to many cyclists, and they are hunting for the next big challenge

It's an Ultra-Distance Race

Unlike Audax Brevet, Race Across Malaysia (RAM) is a race. All Race Across Series Organizers use average speed to determine cut-off times. That enables us to work out cut-off times for RAM300, RAM600 and RAM1200.  For instance, the average speed for an official Solo Race Across America (RAAM) rider to finish is approximately 10mph (16kph).  However, the RAAM covers mega-distance and they usually require slightly higher speeds for shorter qualifying races.  Therefore, for RAM600 we are required to ride an average speed of 11-12mph (18-19kph) and would result in a qualifying standard of approximately 32 hours. 

In Race Across Malaysia, there are 4 race categories - Solo Self-supported, Solo Supported, Team of 2 and Team of 4. All 4 categories have different time limit in different distance. Riders who complete RAM600 and RAM1200 within time limit in Solo categories will be qualified for RAAM and will receive a certificate and a letter of invitation to race RAAM.  Plaques evidencing the achievement of RAAM Qualified status will be made available for purchase at year end. The RQ Plaques can be found in the RAAM Store. Each rider who has completed the race within the designated time limit - and thus is "RAAM Qualified" - can their own plaques directly from the RAAM Store.  The RQ Plaques are $44.99 + shipping (USD).

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